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Certified Specialist in Workers' Compensation*

Certified Specialist in Workers' Compensation*

W. Howard Wells*, Attorney at Law

W. Howard Wells*

W. Howard Wells started his Workers' Compensation practice in 1980 and has represented hundreds of Workers' Compensation cases over the last 40 years. Before he was admitted to the practice of law, he began his legal career as an insurance adjuster and claims manager. After he was admitted to the practice of law, he was the "in-house" civil litigation attorney for that same insurance company.

Time in practice brings experience; that experience has allowed Mr. Wells to handle a lot of different types of cases. Having that kind of experience does matter to most people.

Jason Wells, Attorney at Law

Jason Wells

Jason Wells has workers' compensation "running through his veins." From an early age, Jason was exposed to workers' compensation. Before Jason was admitted to the practice of law, Jason performed virtually every function and job in a law firm from the bottom to the top. This broad understanding of a workers' compensation practice allows gives him unique advantages in representing injured workers.

When people talk to Jason, they see his breadth of knowledge in workers' compensation not just through the eyes of an attorney but through the eyes of someone who strives to run the best possible workers' compensation practice.